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Telaid Blog

Telaid Blog


5 Cost-Saving Applications for IOT in QSR

12 August, 2019

QSR is relying on dozens of technologies to complete the digital transformation. While the...

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Retail, IoT, Technology Integration

PoE: It’s not Just for Powering Your Access Points Anymore

05 February, 2019

The BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando reflected on power and cabling changes that are taking...

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IoT, Technology Integration, Artificial Intelligence

New Technologies Combine to Create a Better, More Effective Temperature-Controlled Distribution Center

13 December, 2018

Food contamination outbreaks top the news weekly, causing tremendous brand damage, shifting...

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Retail, IoT, Digital Transformation, Technology Integration

What a Transformed POS Means To Your Customers

08 November, 2018

No matter the precise technologies used, the transformation of the point of sale is yielding...

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Retail, Logistics, IoT, Digital Transformation, Technology Integration

Technologies That Are Transforming the Point of Sale

01 November, 2018

Retailers are deploying a great number of technologies to streamline the point of sale in their...

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IoT Converge Highlights Potential for IoT and Edge Computing to Revolutionize Businesses

13 September, 2018

The revolutionary potential for IoT is growing by leaps and bounds. Artificial intelligence (AI)...

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IoT, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Technology Integration

TAG 2018 Annual Summit Shows How Technologies Let You Put Customers First

29 March, 2018

The Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) Annual Technology Summit, Fueling the Innovation...

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Logistics, IoT

IoT Sensors Will Eliminate Data “Blackout” Common During Transport

08 March, 2018

Mobile apps have an amazing way of getting better data, faster from across the supply chain....

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Retail, IoT

EDGE Digital Shelf Returns Results, ROI to Kroger

10 January, 2018

Displayed at Telaid’s booth at the NRF Big Show will be the EDGE Digital Shelving, an innovation...

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Retail, IoT

Introducing Kroger's Gen 3 Zooter - Coming to NRF Booth #1563

08 January, 2018

In Telaid’s booth at the NRF Big Show, Kroger will introduce the “Gen 3 Zooter,” the latest in a...

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