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Telaid Blog

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A Sneak Peek at How AI, Computer Vision Are Transforming Industries

21 June, 2022 | by Craig Cartwright

Technology advances have introduced a torrent of new terms, concepts and acronyms. Machine...

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IP Video, Artificial Intelligence, AI

Video Analytics Position Retailers, QSRs for Success in the Post-Pandemic World

10 March, 2022 | by Tracy Benaman

This week, our blog features guest contributor, Tracy Benaman, vice president of retail sales at...

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IoT, AI, grocery

Don’t Fear Changing Trends: Make the Conversion to Dark Stores a Little Less Scary

13 October, 2020 | by Team Telaid

It’s spooky how quickly things are changing in retail. One new trend is the proliferation of “dark...

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Retail, AI

The Year that Is 2020 Is Accelerating AI in Retail

20 August, 2020 | by Team Telaid

As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The events of 2020 have pressured businesses...

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Retail, Wireless, Technology Integration, AI, customer experience, grocery

Study Points to A Cart Full of Potential For Grocers to Increase Revenues and Profitability

01 August, 2019 | by Team Telaid

When you think of customer experience and highly personalized offers what most likely comes to...

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AI, customer experience, grocery

Shopping for the CX of the Future: The Value of In-Store Monitoring to Grocers

28 June, 2019 | by Team Telaid

RIS News and Progressive Grocer partnered to release the 2019 Grocery Tech Trends Study, a...

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Retail, Digital Transformation, AI

Intelligent Automation Positioned to Transform Retail: Do You Have the Resources You Need?

01 February, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

A report issued by the National Retail Federation and IBM, “The coming AI revolution in retail and...

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Artificial Intelligence, AI, Healthcare

TAG HealthIT Leadership Summit Presents IT Realities in Healthcare

15 November, 2017 | by Beth Bergmann

The TAG HealthIT Leadership Summit delivered a no-nonsense discussion of IT realities in healthcare...

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Retail, IoT, AI

The Retail Technology Race is On and the Time for Next Gen Technologies is Now

16 October, 2017 | by Beth Bergmann

Gartner CIO Symposium, held in October in Orlando, is at the epicenter of the latest technology and...

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