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Digital Transformation, AI, QSR

Order Up! New Tech Items on the Menu Will Transform Restaurant Dining

11 July, 2024 | by Michael Porazzo

According to the 2024 Restaurant Technology Landscape Report, 76% of restaurant operators believe...

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AI, distribution centers

New Consumers Require New Retail Distribution Strategies

15 August, 2023 | by Mike Korcuba

Retail distribution channels are just one more facet of the retail industry rocked by the pandemic....

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AI, automation

7 Examples of Retail Automation Creating Labor Savings

08 August, 2023 | by Beth Bergmann

A report released in July 2023 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Understanding America’s Labor...

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Loss Prevention, AI, RILA

Conversations at RILA Sound Familiar, Point to Technology As the Heart of Solution

09 May, 2023 | by Mike Korcuba

Hundreds of loss prevention and asset protection professionals converged on Denver last week for...

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3 Tips For Delivering Consistent AI Adoption Across Franchises

27 April, 2023 | by Beth Bergmann

The Restaurant Leadership Conference showed that the restaurant industry is moving quickly toward a...

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Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, AI, customer experience

Making the Most of Visual AI in Retail to Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk

01 November, 2022 | by Alex Siskos

The speed of adoption of transformational technology in retail turned into a sprint during the...

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IP Video, AI, computer vision

10 New Use Cases for Advanced Optical Technologies

20 September, 2022 | by Jordan Rivchun

Optical technologies have come a long way over the past two decades and are now evolving at...

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3 Simple but Powerful Applications for AI in QSRs

05 July, 2022 | by Atif Kureishy

Dramatic changes in customer behavior shifted orders from dine-in to curbside or drive-thru....

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AI, Telaid Tech Connect Podcast

A Sneak Peek at How AI, Computer Vision Are Transforming Industries

21 June, 2022 | by Craig Cartwright

Technology advances have introduced a torrent of new terms, concepts and acronyms. Machine...

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IP Video, Artificial Intelligence, AI

Video Analytics Position Retailers, QSRs for Success in the Post-Pandemic World

10 March, 2022 | by Tracy Benaman

This week, our blog features guest contributor, Tracy Benaman, vice president of retail sales at...

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