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Telaid Blog

Mike Korcuba

Mike Korcuba
As the Leader of the Physical Security Practice here at Telaid, we help retailers simultaneously reduce loss and enhance customer service and operations with unified physical security solutions and day 2 services. I have 25-plus years’ experience in Loss Prevention, beginning my own career in retail loss prevention, then transitioning into technology solutions. I am passionate about advancing my clients’ business objectives with the latest physical security hardware, software, and managed services. At the same time, I understand practicality the limitations associated with shrinking budgets. Whether you have a legacy system that you want to position for future use, or you are seeking a cutting-edge physical security deployment, I can start with your current business objectives and challenges and develop a cost effective, sustainable solution that helps maximize your budget and resources. For more than 35 years, Telaid has provided retailers with a single point of contact and technology expertise that reduces time, cost, task and risk on each engagement. Telaid has expertise in the following areas: • Unified physical security solutions • Rapid technology deployments (including infrastructure & electrical) • Asset lifecycle management (cradle-to-grave technology support) • Wireless networks and infrastructure
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