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Telaid Blog

Telaid Blog

Retail, NRF

The Best Way to Make the Most of the NRF Big Show

08 January, 2024 | by Brooks Thompson

I prepare for the NRF Big Show like I do a marathon. For me, there’s nothing casual about attending...

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Retail, Physical Security

When It Comes to Rising Crime and Loss, Technology Saves the Day

24 October, 2023 | by Mike Korcuba

The National Retail Federation recently released their annual National Retail Security Survey (NRSS)

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Retail, Infrastructure

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds and Plan Carefully for Cloud Migration

17 October, 2023 | by Drew Jackson

The shift to the cloud is here. More than (78%) of retailers are advancing or mature with their use...

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Retail, technology deployments

The Trends Fueling Technology Deployments in Retail

03 October, 2023 | by Mike Korcuba

The retail digital transformation has been underway for quite a while. Driven first by wireless,...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, Technology Integration, computer vision

It’s Time To Address New Retail Security Challenges: Here’s How

05 September, 2023 | by Mike Korcuba

Violence in retail is surging. According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania, Department...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, Physical Security

Retailers Ready to Embrace Next-level Security Technologies

14 June, 2023 | by Andy Stefens

At NRF Protect last week, retailers flocked to the exhibit hall to experience the latest in video...

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Retail, Artificial Intelligence

ShopTalk Showed That AI Has Migrated from Concept to Reality

04 April, 2023 | by Beth Bergmann

ShopTalk provided clear confirmation that AI is migrating from concept to conversation to reality....

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Retail, Digital Transformation, Infrastructure

Embark With Me On a Journey in 2023

19 January, 2023 | by Mike Korcuba

I just returned from the 2023 NRF Big Show, which was back to pre-pandemic attendance and...

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Retail, customer experience, grocery, automation

My Single Piece of Advice for Retailers Embarking On Automation Projects

17 January, 2023 | by Corrie Martin

Chances are, you plan on implementing some kind of automation technology in your retail environment...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, Physical Security

My 4 Challenges to LP/AP Professionals

16 August, 2022 | by Joe Davis

I’ve seen a lot of change over the past 30 years in loss prevention. What started off as chasing...

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