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Retailers Ready to Embrace Next-level Security Technologies

Andy Stefens
14 June, 2023
by Andy Stefens

060723-LI-LossPreventionAt NRF Protect last week, retailers flocked to the exhibit hall to experience the latest in video analytics, AI and other “next level” loss prevention and security technologies. Based on conversations, booth traffic patterns and session topics, it’s clear that retailers are ready for the next level of solutions that advance the value of video and other security systems data.

Security technology limitations plagued retailers in the past

Prominent problems that plagued retailers just a few years ago, are largely a thing of the past. Video quality, retention and inaccessibility of video were challenges that rattled retailers in the recent past. However, more advanced camera technology along with the shift to cloud-based software and storage have rendered these challenges all but obsolete, empowering integrated security solutions with useful video, instant accessibility via the cloud, and extended storage capacity.

These advancements set the stage for retailers to up their game when it comes to risk management, asset protection, loss prevention, operations and more. Organizations have access to quality, real-time data now, including data from video, access control, and a number of other systems. Retailers can now focus on how to mine data in ways that leads to meaningful insights and better decision-making. How can video analytics be layered on top to combat significant challenges retailers face like organized retail crime and active shooter incidents? How can video be used, not just by LP/AP professionals, but across the board to help retailers improve operations, throughput and customer service?

Impressive new security technologies on display at NRF Protect

The show floor was full of technology providers ready to help retailers meet new challenges with impressive new solutions. We met with several technology providers at the show that exemplify the types of solutions retailers are exploring and deploying. Wobot uses video for critical operational insights to improve things like speed at the QSR drive-thru and employee assignments during peak hours. Hanwha Vision showcased their Wave VMS software that enables users to identify the precise video and specific aspect of video that they would like to evaluate. OpenEye showcased their solution that views point of sale transaction data and video together in one seamless interface to visually verify and add context to events. Genetec demonstrated a video sharing tool that enables fast and efficient video sharing. Viewz had PVMs that can display images/video from any camera on the same network without any additional hardware.

Those are just a few of the many technologies that were on display at NRF Protect. Retailers are ready to advance their insights and the value of their data to reduce risk, prevent loss, enhance asset protection and improve operations. What’s your plan? At Telaid, we specialize in integrated security solutions that deliver value across the board. Talk to us about how we can help you step up the value of video and other physical security technologies.

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