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Digital Transformation, Retail, Technology Integration, IoT

What a Transformed POS Means To Your Customers

08 November, 2018

No matter the precise technologies used, the transformation of the point of sale is yielding...

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Technology Integration, Retail, Digital Transformation, IoT, Logistics

Technologies That Are Transforming the Point of Sale

01 November, 2018

Retailers are deploying a great number of technologies to streamline the point of sale in their...

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Digital Transformation, Retail

Going, Going, Gone. Watch Traditional Checkout Disappear From Retail

25 October, 2018

Waiting in the checkout line at the store has long been a quintessential part of the typical...

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Digital Transformation, Retail

There’s No Turning Back on the Digital Transformation….So Here’s How to Move Forward.

11 October, 2018

Retail’s digital transformation is underway and there’s no turning back. As consumers get a...

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Physical Security, Loss Prevention

LPRC Impact Demonstrates the Emerging Role of LP in Retail

08 October, 2018

We returned from LPRC Impact 2018 with the feeling that loss prevention (LP) teams are gaining...

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Retail, Digital Transformation

Message From NextPoint: Don’t Serve, Delight Your Customers!

05 October, 2018

In a digital world, consumers have grown to expect personalization, relevance and an elevated...

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Physical Security, IP Video, Loss Prevention

Rebranding of Former ASIS Show Symbolic of Change in Security Space

03 October, 2018

After 63 years, the ASIS show officially became “GSX,” the Global Security Exchange. The same...

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IoT Converge Highlights Potential for IoT and Edge Computing to Revolutionize Businesses

13 September, 2018

The revolutionary potential for IoT is growing by leaps and bounds. Artificial intelligence (AI)...

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Customized Managed Services Are Essential to Successful Retailers: Here’s Why

30 August, 2018

The speed of business compels the acceleration of retail technology adoption. Technology...

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Technology Integration, Rapid Deployment, Site Survey

Drumroll, Please: The Top 10 Reasons to Clean up Your Network Closet

06 August, 2018

You may take time regularly to clean your house or tidy up your desk at work. But when was the...

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