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Telaid Blog

Telaid Blog

The Retail Cyclone and How Retailers Will Endure

12 April, 2022 | by Keith Aubele

Just when we thought things could not get any stranger than they were in 2020, here comes 2022....

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Loss Prevention, grocery

Lessons from FMI: Leaders Don’t Just Talk; They Listen

30 March, 2022 | by Mike Korcuba

While technologies play a hugely impactful role in transforming the grocery segment, technology was...

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5 Ways Technology Can Advance Sustainability

29 March, 2022 | by Annie Bevan

This week, our blog features guest contributor, Annie Bevan, Global Head of Sustainability at...

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IP Video, Artificial Intelligence, AI

Video Analytics Position Retailers, QSRs for Success in the Post-Pandemic World

10 March, 2022 | by Tracy Benaman

This week, our blog features guest contributor, Tracy Benaman, vice president of retail sales at...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, LPRC

LP: The Great Game of Whack-a-mole and How to Win

21 February, 2022 | by Mike Korcuba

Telaid was proud to attend LPRC Ignite last week in Florida, where we were able to collaborate with...

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Retail, IoT

4 Myths of IoT and How to Overcome Them

15 February, 2022 | by Samantha Agee

This week, our blog features guest contributor, Samantha Agee, vice president of business...

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Why You Should Give Telaid a Seat At Your Technology Planning Table

01 February, 2022 | by Scott Patsiga

The changes we’re seeing today with technology and automation are unlike anything I’ve seen in my...

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Retail, Physical Security, Interactive

Critical tools for 2022

11 January, 2022 | by Beth Bergmann

As we begin 2022, retailers can look back with pride on their many accomplishments over the past 12...

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Telaid Turns 40

Reflections On Telaid's 40th Year

23 December, 2021 | by Chris Patsiga

As Telaid’s 40th year in business draws to a close, I have spent time reflecting on our business,...

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Digital Transformation

Telaid’s Digital Transformation is Reason to Celebrate

13 December, 2021 | by Roger Gatto

This week, I’m headed to Orlando, Florida for the Digital Transformation Operational Excellence...

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