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The 3 Horizons of Change and Opportunity in Retail

09 August, 2022 | by Brooks Thompson

Technologies are transforming retail at a rapid clip. There is scarcely time to digest and fully...

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Successfully Pioneering New Frontiers in Automation Is Very Possible, but Not Obvious

02 August, 2022 | by Beth Bergmann

Change is occurring more rapidly than ever before. Futurist, Ray Kurzweil estimates that the rate...

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4 Pieces of Advice from an AI Evangelist

26 July, 2022 | by Andi Huels

I absolutely love being an AI evangelist! As Head of AI in North America for Lenovo, a good portion...

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3 Simple but Powerful Applications for AI in QSRs

05 July, 2022 | by Atif Kureishy

Dramatic changes in customer behavior shifted orders from dine-in to curbside or drive-thru....

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5 Technology Considerations When Acquiring New Convenience Stores

28 June, 2022 | by Mike Korcuba

According to a report from Capstone Partners, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the...

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AI, Telaid Tech Connect Podcast

A Sneak Peek at How AI, Computer Vision Are Transforming Industries

21 June, 2022 | by Craig Cartwright

Technology advances have introduced a torrent of new terms, concepts and acronyms. Machine...

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Even in This Uncertain World, The Future of LP/AP is Bright

07 June, 2022 | by Terry Sullivan

Loss prevention/asset protection (LP/AP) teams have seen a tidal wave of new and unexpected...

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Key Takeaways from The Home Depot’s “Bleeding Orange” Culture

24 May, 2022 | by Jim Inglis

While retailing may look significantly different than it did a decade ago, at its core, retail is...

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Retail, grocery, click-and-collect units

4 Challenges To Overcome When Deploying Click-and-Collect Package Lockers

10 May, 2022 | by Corrie Martin

Retailers are searching for new ways to deliver convenience, speed and efficiency to their...

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Retail, IoT, QSR, Telaid Tech Connect Podcast

Delivering Simplicity and Access to the Digitally Transformed Business

26 April, 2022 | by Steve Latham

The digital transformation is well underway in a growing number of businesses. In many cases, it’s...

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