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Telaid Blog

Telaid Blog

Technology Integration, automation

Avoid These 5 Myths As You Pursue the Path to Automation

04 October, 2022 | by Beth Bergmann

With visions of increased throughput, efficiency and profitability, forward-thinking retailers are...

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Digital Transformation, grocery, convenience stores

Grocers, C-stores Embrace Quick Commerce with the Help of Advanced Tech

30 September, 2022 | by Beth Bergmann

If there’s one thing we heard loud and clear last week at Groceryshop in Las Vegas, it’s that...

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IP Video, AI, computer vision

10 New Use Cases for Advanced Optical Technologies

20 September, 2022 | by Jordan Rivchun

Optical technologies have come a long way over the past two decades and are now evolving at...

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Digital Transformation, Infrastructure

Build Your House with Brick, Not Straw or Sticks

06 September, 2022 | by Alex Ivins

The speed of change in business and consumer behavior is pressing organizations to accelerate...

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The Role of LP Technologies in Achieving Safety in Retail

30 August, 2022 | by Amber Bradley

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection (LP/AP) teams have many responsibilities, but safety has always...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, Physical Security

My 4 Challenges to LP/AP Professionals

16 August, 2022 | by Joe Davis

I’ve seen a lot of change over the past 30 years in loss prevention. What started off as chasing...

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Retail, Digital Transformation, Technology Integration

The 3 Horizons of Change and Opportunity in Retail

09 August, 2022 | by Brooks Thompson

Technologies are transforming retail at a rapid clip. There is scarcely time to digest and fully...

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Successfully Pioneering New Frontiers in Automation Is Very Possible, but Not Obvious

02 August, 2022 | by Beth Bergmann

Change is occurring more rapidly than ever before. Futurist, Ray Kurzweil estimates that the rate...

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4 Pieces of Advice from an AI Evangelist

26 July, 2022 | by Andi Huels

I absolutely love being an AI evangelist! As Head of AI in North America for Lenovo, a good portion...

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3 Simple but Powerful Applications for AI in QSRs

05 July, 2022 | by Atif Kureishy

Dramatic changes in customer behavior shifted orders from dine-in to curbside or drive-thru....

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