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Christmas is Coming Early This Year. Is Your Retail Store Prepared?

27 September, 2021 | by Beth Bergmann

Labor Day is just behind us and fall is barely underway, so how can we be moving into discussions...

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Retail, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Interactive

If the Consumer Economy had a Gender, it Would be Female

29 January, 2020 | by Beth Bergmann


Today, women are vastly underrepresented in the tech industry, but that’s all starting to...

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Retail, Digital Transformation, customer experience

Traditional Black Friday Vs. New Black Friday

07 October, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us, folks, and it’ll be here before we know it!...

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Retail, customer experience, Interactive

4 Ways Interactive Technologies Give Specialty Retailers Staying Power

28 August, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann
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5 Cost-Saving Applications for IOT in QSR

12 August, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

QSR is relying on dozens of technologies to complete the digital transformation. While the...

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customer experience, QSR

3 Emerging Technologies that Offer New QSR Dining Experience

29 May, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

As QSRs pursue speed, convenience and accuracy for their customers, they are reinventing the...

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Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, customer experience

FutureX Shows How the Digital Transformation Will Reshape Our World

02 May, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The FutureX show in Atlanta continued to tout the messages we’ve all been hearing about -  the...

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Retail, customer experience

5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Enable a Better Customer Experience in Specialty Retail

10 April, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

As technology reshapes the retail landscape and consumer expectations rise, specialty retailers...

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Digital Transformation

You're Not Alone In Your Digital Transformation Journey

28 March, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

At Telaid, we talk a lot about the digital transformation: our clients’ journeys, best...

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Retail, Digital Transformation

How To Speed the Success of Your Journey To Digital Transformation

15 March, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The pursuit of the digital transformation in retail calls for urgency. In light of limited time...

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