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Beth Bergmann

Beth Bergmann

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Retail, customer experience

5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Enable a Better Customer Experience in Specialty Retail

10 April, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

As technology reshapes the retail landscape and consumer expectations rise, specialty retailers...

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Digital Transformation

You're Not Alone In Your Digital Transformation Journey

28 March, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

At Telaid, we talk a lot about the digital transformation: our clients’ journeys, best practices,...

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Retail, Digital Transformation

How To Speed the Success of Your Journey To Digital Transformation

15 March, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The pursuit of the digital transformation in retail calls for urgency. In light of limited time and...

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IP Video, Physical Security, Technology Integration, customer experience

Even in Technology Development, Customer Experience Is the Key

22 February, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

Over the last five years, technology advancements have increased in number and speed, ushering in...

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Digital Transformation, customer experience

A Simpler Litmus Test for Success: Are Your Technologies Delivering a Better Customer Experience?

18 February, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Summit, “Fueling the Innovation Economy,” featured more...

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Retail, Technology Integration, customer experience

3 Steps to Delivering the Retail Customer Experience Demanded By Consumers Today

14 February, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The National Retail Federations’ quarterly look at what shapes retail provides insight into the...

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Retail, IoT, Technology Integration

PoE: It’s not Just for Powering Your Access Points Anymore

05 February, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando reflected on power and cabling changes that are taking place...

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Retail, Digital Transformation, AI

Intelligent Automation Positioned to Transform Retail: Do You Have the Resources You Need?

01 February, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

A report issued by the National Retail Federation and IBM, “The coming AI revolution in retail and...

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NRF 2019 Emphasizes That Successful Retailing Requires a New Way of Thinking

18 January, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

The NRF Big Show always spotlights great speakers, the latest trends and advanced technologies;...

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Retail, Digital Transformation

New Consumer Habits Point the Way to Must-Have Capabilities for Retailers

10 January, 2019 | by Beth Bergmann

PWC’s annual 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey, From mall to mobile: Adjusting to new consumer...

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