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3 Emerging Technologies that Offer New QSR Dining Experience

Beth Bergmann
29 May, 2019
by Beth Bergmann

QSRblogpost-041619As QSRs pursue speed, convenience and accuracy for their customers, they are reinventing the fast food dining experience. Investing in plenty of technology, successful QSRs are delivering a new, immersive and speedy customer experience. Consider some of the latest/greatest applications for new technologies in QSR and how they are reinventing the QSR dining experience.

Mobile payments– Payments have traditionally put a drag on wait times, taking associates longer to complete each transaction. However, a variety of payment options enable diners to pay on their terms, reducing wait times, shortening queues and freeing associates for food service. In some cases, restaurants offer custom downloadable apps that enable payment via mobile devices. There are also self-service kiosks, where diners can place their own orders and pay during peak hours to avoid long lines. Contactless and NFC at the register expedite payments and reduce time per transaction. No matter the option, faster payments increase customer satisfaction and reduce friction that can result in lost sales or customers.

Digital menu boards– In a world where millions of messages, voices and multimedia screens compete for our attention, digital menu boards offer a bold way to grab diners’ attention and engage them while in the restaurant. Digital menus can be updated instantly for breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings, depending on time of day. They can display seasonal promotions, special menu features and brand messages. They can also accommodate video and audio for an engaging experience that creates ambiance and reduces perceived wait times. 

Self-serve kiosks– The very essence of QSRs is convenience. Self-serve kiosks offer quick serve restaurants the ability to divide and conquer long lines at peak dining times using self-serve kiosks, reducing frustration for waiting customers, increasing order accuracy and slashing wait times. All of these benefits result in a better customer experience. Diners are signaling demand for the convenience of self-serve kiosks. According to a survey from Tillster, 75 percent of customers said they would choose to order from a self-serve kiosk if the line to order for a cashier were longer than five minutes. In fact, restaurants are losing diners and revenues due to long lines during peak service times. More than half (57 percent) of customers said they would leave the restaurant if the line length were 5 people and 91 percent said they would leave if the line were 10 people long.

These are just a few of the technologies that combine to create a completely new fast food restaurant experience for diners. Are these or other technologies deployed in your locations or on your list of planned technology deployments? Let Telaid help you accelerate technology adoption to realize better business outcomes. Learn more about our capabilities.

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