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Loss Prevention, Retail, Physical Security

My 4 Challenges to LP/AP Professionals

16 August, 2022 | by Joe Davis

I’ve seen a lot of change over the past 30 years in loss prevention. What started off as chasing...

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Loss Prevention, grocery

Lessons from FMI: Leaders Don’t Just Talk; They Listen

30 March, 2022 | by Mike Korcuba

While technologies play a hugely impactful role in transforming the grocery segment, technology was...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, LPRC

LP: The Great Game of Whack-a-mole and How to Win

21 February, 2022 | by Mike Korcuba

Telaid was proud to attend LPRC Ignite last week in Florida, where we were able to collaborate with...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, IP Video

Get More Out of Your Video Surveillance Technology with a New Approach

08 September, 2021 | by Team Telaid

While video is essential to nearly every retail function, from operations to marketing, customer...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, COVID-19

Occupancy Management Insights From Real-World Retail Applications

20 October, 2020 | by Team Telaid

Telaid and Ocucon recently co-sponsored a webinar introducing an automated occupancy management...

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Loss Prevention, Physical Security

Look to the Cloud for Collaboration Between LP and IT

05 August, 2020 | by Team Telaid

The National Retail Security Survey 2020 was released this month. The study tells a familiar story...

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Loss Prevention, Retail, Physical Security

Loss Prevention Shows that Technology is No Replacement for Smart LP Professionals

13 March, 2020 | by Team Telaid

The Loss Prevention Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati, hosted a Learning...

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Loss Prevention, Artificial Intelligence

LPRC Engages in Its Own Digital Transformation That Will Elevate Loss Prevention

04 February, 2020 | by Team Telaid

Telaid is an active member of the Loss Prevention Research Council, a pioneer in crimefighting and...

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Loss Prevention, Retail

LPRC Impact Highlights the Importance of Trust

09 October, 2019 | by Team Telaid

“Trust” is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when you think of loss prevention (LP)....

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Loss Prevention, customer experience

Strategies for LP Teams to Get Their Technology Projects On the Radar

19 June, 2019 | by Team Telaid

We love the opportunities that trade shows provide us to connect with customers and prospects to...

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