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Want to Know the Secret of Our Success?

Erin Hill
12 December, 2023
by Erin Hill

Telaid parcels marked with yellow duck icons for easy locationMulti-site enterprise deployments are complicated by their very nature. With so many different players involved, multiple locations, different kinds of equipment and precise timelines, there are lots of potential pitfalls that can cause delays, additional expense, or at the very least – frustration.

For this reason, Telaid’s Project Management organization has developed its own site confirmation process, which is the result of hundreds of projects and decades of experience handling complex deployments.

Without detailing the specifics of our site confirmation process, I can give you the highlights and why it’s so essential to on time, on budget technology deployments. Our program is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Communication – We ensure that everyone knows what is being done, when and where, well in advance. This ensures that critical players are prepared for our on-site visit.
  • Confirmation – Scores of packages come in and out of stores every day. As a result, it’s quite easy for items shipped for installation to become lost in a sea of inventory or a back-of-the-house maze of boxes. Our project managers work hard to facilitate and simplify the identification and relocation of inbound devices for installation before technicians arrive on site.
  • Coordination – Many deployments are scheduled during off-hours so as not to disrupt retail operations. This arrangement often requires additional collaboration and special accommodations. For example, a single technician can’t be locked in a store without another person. Therefore, Telaid either verifies that others will be working in the store overnight or may elect to send two technicians on site for overnight work.
  • Completion – Our technicians are trained to complete, test and document their work on site to confirm the project is finalized. We capture any pitfalls to improve the process next time.
  • Customizable - Recognizing that every business is different, it's important to devise a site confirmation process that works for each particular customer. Whether that means how and with whom we communicate, how far in advance we ship equipment or any other detail, we assess the environment and customize our process. 

These are the kinds of detailed and deliberate steps Telaid takes to ensure projects stay on time and on budget. Our Fortune 500 customers are bought into this process and share information with us, allowing Telaid to manage projects as efficiently as possible.

If installation delays, failed communications or expensive site charges wreak havoc on your schedule and budget, we invite you to learn more about Telaid and how our site confirmation process can help.

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