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5 Things to Love About Telaid’s Technology Solution Center

Matt Nelson
20 February, 2024
by Matt Nelson

Telaid's Technology Solution CenterFor more than 13 years, I’ve worked at Telaid and I continue to be proud of the outstanding work our team does for our customers. Multi-site technology deployments are complex by nature and, with so many different locations, teams, individuals and moving parts involved, it takes some amazing dedication, exceptional project management and careful attention to detail to complete projects on time and on budget.  

I often give tours of Telaid’s Technology Solution Center (TSC) in Norcross, Georgia and I’m proud to share some of my favorite things about how Telaid operates and the capabilities we’ve built over the years. Here’s my top 5 list.

  1. Receiving is where excellence starts – A space within the TSC, receiving is where we handle inbound materials. Upon receiving devices, we verify the customer, the project, quantities, model number and condition, immediately logging each piece into the system and then storing it in a location designated for easy retrieval. The precise attention demonstrated in receiving is characteristic throughout the rest of the process at Telaid.  

  2. Same care and attention to projects, big or small – At Telaid, no project is too large or too small. From single device shipments to projects involving a hundred thousand devices, I’m happy to say we treat each and every project with the same careful attention to detail.

  3. We are creative – When it comes to getting things done, we evaluate the problem and apply creativity to find solutions. As an example, our customers receive dozens of shipments each day, often causing them to “lose” or misplace devices shipped for install. So Telaid makes our packages unforgettable. We shrink-wrap materials in bundles, add unique, brightly colored icons to make packages easily identifiable once on site. If someone is receiving dozens of boxes each day, the weird hot pink palm tree is just odd enough to stick in someone’s mind and make it easy to recall seeing it. That’s just one example. Whether it’s our project management team, field service technicians or shipping department, we get creative to ensure the success of projects.

  4. We’re all about service – Telaid is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers. That’s why we've constructed entire teams to serve our customers. Our Service Analysts (SAs for short) do a lot of the front-end work, making sure field technicians are on-site and have the support they need. They also field calls from customers, handling device outages and addressing break/fix needs. Our next level of service includes our Technical Analysts (TAs). TAs are certified on many different systems and can really deep-dive to troubleshoot solutions and make sure we provide the best customer experience possible 24/7, 365 days a year. At Telaid, great service is not just a tagline. Our organization is actually designed and staffed to deliver great service.

  5. We believe in training – Investment in employees is one of Telaid’s core values. Telaid empowers employees and field technicians with knowledge and training to address challenges for our customers. As a result, we train employees relentlessly on our process so that we have consistent outcomes. Our engineers earn certifications and are trained on the different technologies and products we sell. Other employees and technicians undergo training to be certified to BICSI standards. Our training room is where we conduct lunch-and-learns with our technology partners and invite teams to explore technology solutions in person.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, I invite you to come see the TSC for yourself! Come tour our impressive facility and meet the great people that make up Team Telaid. Connect with me and I'd be happy to schedule a tour.

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