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Delivering Simplicity and Access to the Digitally Transformed Business

Steve Latham
26 April, 2022
by Steve Latham

042522-Blog-TechRobotThe digital transformation is well underway in a growing number of businesses. In many cases, it’s completely upending industries, transforming products themselves from analog to digital, as is the case with the shift from CDs to streaming music subscriptions or paper currency to cryptocurrencies.

But consider the vast array of technologies required to automate any given process. In a digital restaurant environment, for example, dozens of IoT sensors may be used to monitor the temperature of hot and cold holding containers while computer vision technologies may be used to identify and flag unsafe food handling practices. Robots may handle food preparation basics such as food transfer in and out of the fryer.

Data generated from all of these devices are then sent wirelessly to a central repository for storage, analysis and to power AI. These investments are made by different stakeholders at different times and with different criteria in mind, creating a patchwork of technologies that enables the digital transformation of business. Finally, point of sale technology, digital signage, and other consumer facing devices are all deployed to ensure a smooth customer experience in the front of the restaurant.

Managing the entire fleet of devices across geographic locations can become extremely complex. Identifying and addressing failing devices and ensuring that data are transmitted to a centralized location to effectively power business applications have become overwhelming tasks given the number and type of devices deployed in the digitally transformed space.

In light of this need, Banyan Hills Technologies developed Canopy, a remote device operations software platform that sits between deployed devices and the business applications they feed. Canopy connects a wide variety of devices, receiving and processing information at scale, storing it and layering in business applications to provide clear, consolidated data in a single user-friendly interface.

Canopy simplifies access and offers visibility to all systems across disparate geographic locations. Here are a few of the many use case examples:

  • Manage devices remotely using Canopy’s user-friendly interface, offering flexibility
  • Receive alerts when a remote self-service kiosk fails so that personnel on-site can address the problem
  • Gain visibility into every device on site, its status and other critical data to identify and address inconsistencies and inventory live devices
  • Address key repair and upgrade needs remotely without rolling a truck or paying expensive expedite fees

The digitally transformed world is full of efficiency, intelligence, optimized service and cost savings. The journey is a challenging one but well worth the investment of time and resources. Canopy aims to bring simplicity and access to the digitally transformed business. Learn more about us at Banyan Technologies or listen to the Telaid Tech Connect podcast.

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