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EDGE Digital Shelf Returns Results, ROI to Kroger

Beth Bergmann
10 January, 2018
by Beth Bergmann

kroger-display.jpgDisplayed at Telaid’s booth at the NRF Big Show will be the EDGE Digital Shelving, an innovation brought to you by Kroger. At first glance, the technology may appear relatively simple, but after deploying it in 20 stores, Kroger has a definitive success story to tell about the solution’s real-life applications and how it’s cutting costs, driving revenue, and helping Kroger connect more effectively with consumers, suppliers and employees.

Offering a digital display on shelving to showcase pricing, promotional information, images and brief videos, EDGE delivers performance capabilities far beyond the expected.

Good-bye paper price tags – Large investments of time and money are associated with the printing, manual hanging and adjustment of price tags. Even worse, the process is often riddled with errors and inconsistency. With EDGE digital shelving, retailers can instantly update prices across multiple stores with the click of a mouse. Going digital also ensures the integrity of the data displayed.

Integrity at the endcap – It’s somewhat surprising that endcap displays are often incorrectly set up. The nature of a time-sensitive, paper-based system leaves retailers making last-minute deals with suppliers to display their goods at the endcap for some special seasonal event or promotion and then employees in individual stores must receive those instructions and execute with little notice. Deploying endcaps with EDGE Digital Shelving ensures these displays are executed with precision and that information is correct. This makes it much easier to partner with suppliers to get their products prominently displayed at precisely at the most opportune times.

Interaction with the customer at the right time – EDGE poses a unique opportunity to interact with the customer at the “moment of truth” - just when the consumer is reviewing product and making the final decision whether or not to purchase. A combination of EDGE Digital Shelving, beacon technology, cameras and AI software allows retailers to automatically detect when a customer is interacting with product. If, for example, they pick up a product and look at it for more than 15 seconds and then return it to the shelf, EDGE might automatically display a coupon or product attribute to try to re-engage the consumer. By connecting with customers at the shelf in meaningful, personal ways, EDGE is actually lifting sales and increasing average revenue per customer in Kroger stores.

New revenue opportunities - Now the Kroger team is exploring revenue opportunities through advertising at the shelf. Suppliers can deliver their own messaging, advertisements and promotions to the customer as they approach product on the shelf. This opens up a new revenue generating opportunity for Kroger.

EDGE is just one technology that is improving the way retailers connect with customers and partners and is delivering significant return on investment. Come experience EDGE for yourself or check out more information onKroger's Gen 3 Zooter camera which will also be showcased at NRF. 

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