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The Pressure's On... and We Love It!

Team Telaid
03 March, 2020
by Team Telaid

casestudy-thumbnail-franchise-integrated-physical-securityNo matter how many deployments we manage, how many sites we visit or technologies we deploy, there’s still a rush of excitement that courses through our veins with each successful launch. Stores bearing complex technologies with high-pressure deadlines and baited customer expectations put the pressure on… and we love it!

In a recent particularly high profile launch of a landmark international franchise location in a major U.S. city, we had to customize our Proven Process to deliver in a unique situation. We employed our expert project management to effectively deploy cable and infrastructure in addition to a fully integrated physical security system that worked flawlessly and was integrated perfectly with the particular aesthetics of the store.

It required flexibility, as we laid cable, section by section at just the right time so that artists could add the finishing touches to the custom ceiling. It required precision to ensure the optimal functionality of the equipment as well as the exact placement of cameras and cable to hide them from sight. It required speed to ensure delivery in time for a major launch event scheduled just before the holidays. It required exceptional project management to coordinate field technicians, equipment delivery, proper pre-staging and configuration prior to delivery on site.

Telaid handles this level of complexity every day for major Fortune 500 enterprises across the country. We invite you to explore the details of this project and to consider how you can place your most complex project in our capable hands. We can’t wait to share the rush of success associated with a project well done and completed on time and on budget.

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