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Telaid’s CAD/Revit Services: Designed to Deliver

Team Telaid
18 November, 2021
by Team Telaid


Telaid’s design and engineering (D&E) services were established with a single goal in mind: to support customer success.

Every service and tool we use is designed to deliver critical data, precision equipment and clear communications. Consider, for example, our CAD/Revit design services. Our engineers start with a blueprint or design of a building and map out the details of each cable, power source, wireless access point and technology device deployed in that space for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

CAD/Revit design is extremely useful in a number of scenarios including new construction, upgrades and new installs, offering clients a single, consolidated source of information and a common platform for collaboration.

Over the years and countless projects, we’ve seen how our design services enhance service delivery and streamline technology planning and deployment for our clients. Some of the benefits we’ve seen include:

  • Reduce errors on site by making changes early in the process, adjusting technologies when they are on paper vs. on walls.
  • Improve design/construction communication between teams.
  • Arm technicians with precision instructions needed to conduct on-site installs correctly and efficiently.
  • Document the standard for all enterprise locations and have a referenceable record of all technology upgrades.
  • Provide cost effective, efficient way to conduct iterative update process with the client rather than trying to do it on site or via phone calls or emails.

While many technology integrators offer design and engineering services, Telaid has advanced capabilities in this area due to our more than 40 years of experience, our broad range of tools and our highly trained engineers. Our team’s slogan, “Designed to Deliver,” accurately reflects our approach. We invite you to explore our design and engineering and other services to discover the value of supporting your technology over its entire lifecycle.

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