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Get a Glimpse of the Future of Grocery Retailing

Team Telaid
10 November, 2020
by Team Telaid

Webp.net-compress-imageHearing about the value of robotics in store operations is one thing, but seeing this technology in action is a whole different ballgame. In a year when most conferences and expos were cancelled, Cleveron’s Global Virtual Meetup 2020 provided a thrilling glance into how parcel robots are positioned to reshape the face of customer service and omnichannel in grocery.

After introducing Cleveron’s robotic parcel sorting units and a little more about what the company does, the presentation turns to the Cleveron 500 series of temperature-controlled parcel robots, specifically designed for grocery pickup in remote locations.

Experts Dr. Ramesh Ratan, Retired CEO and Vice-Chairman of Bell and Howell and Cleveron Co-Founder, Indrek Oolup, engage in a discussion about the future of omnichannel grocery and how retailers can step up their game when it comes to BOPIS (buy online pick up in store). Dr. Ratan proposes that the consumers are currently doing a lot of the heavy lifting, placing orders online, showing up to the store to wait in BOPIS queues or risking loss of their items to “porch pirates” when orders are left at the door. The two experts present a vision of the future of grocery retailing and how issues associated with the “last mile” of delivery will be radically changed.

With robots like those Cleveron makes, they envision a future of self-driving parcel cars, delivering groceries to the door as customers demand them. The remote parcel, Cleveron 501, allows customers to retrieve their orders at their convenience from university or apartment parking lots, busy street corners or other locations, eliminating the need for drives to the store and long queues at the entry or at checkout.

With Cleveron’s units, the future is already here. The demonstrations provide a bird’s eye view into the actual technology units that make this kind of service possible and it’s easy to see how robots will change everything.

We think it’s worth a few minutes of your time to see these technologies for yourself by watching the video. As you paint your own vision for the future of your grocery chain, we invite you to reach out to Telaid to explore the technologies currently available to support that vision. With the grocery segment’s strong performance in 2020 and continued popularity projected through 2021, the time is now to begin investing in the digital transformation of your business.

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