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Grocery Shoppers Want More Options. Are You Ready to Deliver?

Team Telaid
22 September, 2020
by Team Telaid

cleveron-501-outsideTelaid is continually on the lookout for best-of-breed technology partners serving up the latest critical technologies to make enterprises successful. This week, we announced a formal partnership with Cleveron, an innovative leader in parcel lockers and robots. With the global pandemic triggering major and sudden shifts in consumer behavior, grocers are striving to achieve true omnichannel operations, offer customers contactless transactions, and deliver convenience to consumers.

Cleveron robotic click-and-collect terminals allow grocers to take their business from the brick-and-mortar store to a high traffic street corner, parking lot, or other convenient remote post.

Telaid and Cleveron are already helping grocers and other enterprises transform their operations and expand their options for a streamlined customer experience with the deployment of the first Cleveron 501 unit in North America completed and several more planned or in progress.


Delivering this option to consumers, particularly during the global pandemic, can increase brand loyalty, reach new consumers and enhance operational capabilities. If you have not yet considered changing patterns and preferences in consumer grocery shopping, it’s important to understand the emerging landscape now.

Explore our infographic to understand the latest trends.

As grocers strive to meet changing consumer demands, Telaid is there, identifying best-of-breed partners, vetting technologies that accomplish business objectives, and streamlining deployment for rapid ROI.

Read more about Telaid’s partnership with Cleveron or explore Telaid’s retail automation capabilities.

Delivering the optimal consumer experience has never been more critical. Explore your options for getting there carefully. Telaid will be here to help!

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