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Telaid Blog

Roger Gatto

Roger Gatto

Roger Gatto serves as Chief Transformation Officer for Telaid, a leading technology solution and service provider specializing in multi-site deployments. As Telaid continues to grow and evolve to meet our clients ever-changing needs in the age of the digital transformation, Roger’s role is to be disruptive; to create, update and execute our strategic business transformation roadmap to achieve our stated vision.

Roger and his team partner with clients and other internal and external stakeholders to ensure that Telaid offers the highest quality, on time on budget services. He also functions as Telaid's Strategist, assisting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and ownership with the development, execution and communication of strategic initiatives.

Recent Posts

Digital Transformation

Telaid’s Digital Transformation is Reason to Celebrate

13 December, 2021 | by Roger Gatto

This week, I’m headed to Orlando, Florida for the Digital Transformation Operational Excellence...

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