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Today, Telaid Celebrates Our Heroes: Our Employees

Team Telaid
04 March, 2021
by Team Telaid

Did you know that the first Friday in March is officially Employee Appreciation Day? Telaid is excited to mark the occasion by celebrating our fabulous, dedicated employees who make our business what it is today.

There are many complexities involved with our business. Major wins occur each day that, together, result in successful projects for our customers. In honor of our employees, we’d like to share just a glimpse of what goes on day in and day out at Telaid, as we paint a picture of our heroes: our employees.

Honorable – We are so proud that our employees faithfully represent our Core Value, “Do the right thing.” They are always willing to go the extra mile, have the tough conversation or to “right” a “wrong” to ensure they remain true and honorable, no matter the circumstances.

Efficient – The work that occurs every day in our Technology Solution Center (TSC) may not seem critical, but it’s the faithful execution of details that lends success to larger projects.  In one single week alone, the TSC received and quality checked 1,308 devices, created 88 outbound orders and shipped 159 orders. This work is the backbone of our operation that enables precision service and efficiency to deliver to our customers every day.

Respect – At Telaid, we know that strong teams are built on mutual respect. We foster respect for our customers, co-workers, our technology partners and stakeholders across the board. Our internal “Walk a Mile” program actually provides training and insight into functional roles across Telaid to give co-workers a glimpse into the challenges and accountability of their colleagues.

Ownership – Telaid employees undertake extreme accountability to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. As an example, recently one of our field technicians received a call from a customer whose store had been damaged in a violent weather event. Within an hour of receiving the call, our tech jumped in the car, drove 4 hours to the location and worked until 8 PM that evening to restore operations same-day. Now that’s taking ownership!  This kind of behavior is a regular occurrence at Telaid and, for that, Telaid’s leadership and our customers are extremely grateful!

Enterprising – Our employees constantly raise the bar by innovating new solutions. Thanks to our employees’ enterprising approach, we continue to grow and earn new projects from our customers who are seeking to accomplish their challenging business objectives.

Striving -  Our employees strive to achieve results in everything they do. At Telaid, we foster that kind of energy by profit sharing with our team members to allow them to share in our success as a company.

Yes, the members of Team Telaid are our HEROES. We celebrate their dedication and hard work today on Employee Appreciation Day, but also every day! 

**Team photos taken in 2019. 

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