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Telaid Turns 40

Telaid Turns 40 and Looks to Serve the Next Generation of Business

Chris Patsiga
14 September, 2021
by Chris Patsiga

As the year wears on, we continue to reflect on and celebrate Telaid’s 40 years in business. It’s inspiring to see how much we’ve grown as a company. To this end, we wanted to share a “picture” of Telaid today versus the company founded back in 1981.

True to our core value, Be Proactive, the team at Telaid has stretched ourselves continuously to expand our capabilities, our knowledge and our purview. While we started out deploying exclusively squawk box/telephony equipment in financial services institutions, we now handle a breadth of critical technologies for enterprises in retail, logistics, foodservice, healthcare and financial services. We provide solution design all the way through support and decommissioning, supporting our customers throughout the life of their technologies. We are proud of how our team has grown and is able to provide expertise in a wide range of technologies from physical security to automation.

And our growth does not stop here. Telaid continues to expand our capabilities and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With perseverance, commitment to excellence and a proactive approach, we will continue to lead our customers to the next generation of business. Happy birthday, Telaid!

Checkout our Infographic to see how far we have come!


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