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Telaid Helps Retailer Streamline Employee Onboarding Process

Team Telaid
11 August, 2021
by Team Telaid

080321-Blog-WelcomeAboardTelaid’s goal is to support our customers with whatever type and level of support they require. Our Proven Process is designed to accomplish results no matter the type of service needed or size or scope of the project. Recently, one retail customer needed help with the process of on-boarding new employees. Today, many employees that support retail may work remotely or across multiple locations, requiring a flexible and geographically disperse on-boarding plan. Employees must be outfitted with a laptop that is correctly configured for their particular role, granting access to the appropriate drives and including applications needed for that individual’s specific job. The process of ordering, storing, configuring, kitting and shipping laptops to employees is extremely time consuming for an already busy IT department.

Telaid was happy to undertake the responsibility. In our new, state-of-the-art Technology Solution Center (TSC) located just outside of Atlanta, Telaid receives laptops, storing them for the retailer. Tickets are submitted through ServiceNow, instantly transmitting the message that a new hire has been made. This ticket includes information like role, start date and required software applications. With the information in ServiceNow, Telaid is able to select the appropriate laptop, custom-configure it for the new employee, add in retailer-branded welcome swag and a personalized welcome letter. This custom welcome kit is shipped directly to the employee address provided in ServiceNow, specifically scheduled to arrive on the appropriate start date.

This seemingly small task is critical to the retailer’s ability to properly onboard and train employees when they begin. It also relieves the IT team of a significant burden of dedicating an individual from their team to on-boarding new employees.

Thanks to Telaid, the process is smooth and streamlined, leaving employees with a great first impression of their employer and giving the retailer the peace of mind that new hires receive the technology they need just when they need it.

If you have a specific task that is distracting your IT team from more strategic endeavors, Telaid can help! Learn more about our full spectrum of managed services and support.

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