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  • FMI AP/Grocery Resilience Conference Highlights Importance of Unified Physical Security Systems

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FMI AP/Grocery Resilience Conference Highlights Importance of Unified Physical Security Systems

Andy Stefens
29 March, 2023
by Andy Stefens

030823-LI-AssetProtectionEventThe FMI Asset Protection & Grocery Resilience Conference kicked off with an engaging and emotional session presented by John Persons, CEO of Tops Markets. It served as a reminder of the importance of LP/AP strategy and technology in today’s volatile environment. These days, loss prevention is not just about cost savings or loss of merchandise; unfortunately, it can be about life and death.

This riveting keynote was followed by other sessions, many focused on preparing for active shooter incidents. A theme underlying many sessions was the importance of harmonized systems and the growing convergence of IT and physical security. The convergence of IT and physical security has been a talking point for over a decade. But in an environment of surging violence, the unification of physical security technologies is more urgent than ever.

Unified physical security solutions are now more than just “nice to have.” In times of crisis, access to essential information in real time is critical. Consider the value of live video of what’s happening in the building, the current status of which doors are locked and unlocked, and accurate information on which employees are working in the building in an emergency situation.

IP devices, wireless and IoT technologies all deliver the capability to access data from all devices on the network. Yet centralized platforms are required as well as monitoring to ensure all devices across the network are functioning properly. The latest and greatest capability is self-monitoring, self-healing technology, which leverages AI to continuously monitor the system and initiate corrective action and/or notify that the device needs to be repaired. This is important because you never know when you’re going to need access to information in an instant.

Advancements are occurring at a faster pace than ever before, and challenges exist with overwhelmed IT teams prioritizing technologies for deployment. LP/AP teams must effectively communicate the value and vision for these unified systems to all stakeholders as quickly as the technologies are advancing.

Sessions at FMI seemed to urge LP/AP teams to build this foundation for a time of crisis.

If you’re ready to map the path to a fully unified system that can inform a security operations center, Telaid is here to help. Reach out to us to start a conversation. We’re committed to empowering LP/AP teams with technologies that give them the best chance of effectively protecting people, property and assets.

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