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The Value of Purposeful Device Repair and Replacement Planning

Josh King
25 October, 2022
by Josh King

102422-LI-TabletTechEveryone understands that technology is critical to business. And yet, it’s surprising how few companies put thought and planning into how they will address failing devices. Most often, companies deploy the technology and take a “set it and forget it” approach, only addressing device failure when it occurs. The problem with this approach is the short and long-term costs to the business. When devices fail, service stalls, revenue losses occur, and operations slow or halt.

We propose a purposeful device repair and replacement strategy, whereby companies understand the implications of device failure and plan for repair or replacement in advance to minimize downtime and reduce costs.

Lexicon Tech Solutions offers companies the ability to place critical devices under contract so that they can be repaired in case of failure – even if the original equipment manufacturer has ceased fabricating replacement parts. If you’ve never considered a device repair and replacement strategy, here are some tips to get you thinking.

Understand the cost of a failing device to your business – Take some time to consider possible failure points and the implications and financial costs of a particular device going down. Even if it’s not as critical as the POS, if the mobile tablet that an employee is using to take orders goes down, there’s a cost to the business. It means one fewer employee is able to capture orders. This may result in a longer customer queue and/or some line abandonment. How long (and at what cost) will it take to get a new device or have this one repaired? Questions like this can help you prioritize the devices that may need urgent repair or replacement.

Assess changes over time – In many cases, manufacturers are producing consumer-like devices for commercial use. These devices are lightweight, compact, and easy to operate. In environments like retail, QSR and office locations, these devices are desirable for easy use but have a shorter life than their more rugged counterparts. These devices were manufactured with a shorter lifespan in mind and are less expensive than industrial-grade devices. Assessing whether to repair or replace them can be challenging. Historical data can help inform good decision-making. How often do these devices break? What is the repair versus replacement cost? Is there anything that can be done to reduce breakage (cases, storage protocols, training, etc.)?

Right-size your repair/replacement program – Consider all your options when it comes to engaging in a repair/replacement program. There are more options available than ever before. For example, pay-by-repair programs offer repair support for devices only once a failure occurs. Maintenance plans, on the other hand, set an annual fee to cover any and all failures of a device, making it easy to budget in advance. Maintenance plans like the ones Lexicon offers will also provide a thorough performance check on every device that comes in, to ensure that not only the reported problem has been fixed, but any underlying or unreported issues are also repaired. This prevents a device from being sent back for numerous repairs and instead keeps it in the hands of employees. You should also have a plan to gradually swap out failing devices with new or replacement models.

Purposeful device repair and replacement plans help you prepare for the unexpected before it occurs and provide you a cost-effective way to get your devices back up and running as quickly as possible. If you’d like to hear some additional insights, don’t miss the recent Telaid Tech Connect podcast where Shannon Lightsey and I sat down with Beth Bergmann to discuss this topic.

At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we’re passionate about helping customers get the most out of their technologies. Reach out to us to explore your options for device repair and replacement.

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