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It's time to crack the code on technology implementations

15 May, 2015
by Tel@Adm1n@a1d

Approximately half of all IT projects fail. The failure rate of IT projects with budgets exceeding $1 million is almost 50% higher than for projects with budgets below $350,000, according to Gartner.* It's time to crack the code on how to implement technologies on time and on budget with consistency across multiple locations.

With technology moving at lightspeed, this is a pivotal time for both multi-site businesses and for Telaid. For this reason, we are launching The Deployment Times, a quarterly newsletter designed to inform, educate and update customers, partners, thought leaders and other interested parties on the latest regarding complex, multi-site technology deployments and lifecycle management.

If you don't know Telaid, you should. For more than 35 years, we have built a science around complex, rapid deployments to minimize defects and maximize speed and accuracy of delivery. In response to the growing need for technology support from deployment through retirement, Telaid is evolving into a new breed of integrated service partner, helping companies manage technologies from cradle to grave.

Here are some quick facts about Telaid:

  • Focused exclusively on multi-site enterprise clients
  • Structured around four core capabilities: Wireless, Physical Security, Rapid Deployments and Technology Lifecycle Solutions
  • 35% expansion of our Technology Solution Center, the central nervous system of our Technology Lifecycle Solutions
  • Performs comprehensive asset maximization to save our clients money

If you'd like to join the conversation, simply click to "opt in" to our distribution list.

I think it will be worth a small investment of your time.

Toward Success,
Scott Patsiga
President, Telaid

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