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Is It Time For You To Revisit Access Control?

20 March, 2017

Is It Time For You To Revisit Access ControlHistorically, access control solutions have been proprietary systems that were somewhat complicated to install and often burdensome to support from an administrative perspective. IT would have to download software, set schedules and define roles, then assign users by role and adjust schedules frequently. Most systems required RS485, 2-wire communications or some other data loop. All of this added up to a significant investment in time and energy to deploy access control and, as a result, many companies simply opted for simpler solutions such as lock-and-key.

However, over the last 5 years, access control has migrated along with so many other technologies to IP-based, making it easy to deploy and integrate with other systems. Today, simple thin client or cloud-based access control solutions are available. These solutions eliminate the need for burdensome software downloads and upgrades. Cloud-based access control solutions are easily configurable via any PC on the company network.

Flexible and easily configurable, access control now empowers companies to protect particularly high-risk areas and/or offer comprehensive access management. Consider the full range of applications:

Point solutions in small business

Data centers and cash offices are particularly vulnerable to security breaches. In many cases, businesses need to direct immediate attention to high risk areas. With IP access control, you can deploy where needed, install it on the company network, configure the system easily via any PC on the network, and it’s immediately up and running, allowing you to restrict access, track entrances and exits, and integrate with cameras for investigation purposes. This is a cost effective point solution for smaller businesses with no massive investments in software or infrastructure upgrades.

Full physical security integration

Physical security increasingly relies on an integrated set of tools including video, analytics, visitor management, license plate recognition, intrusion alarm and access control. For companies that are striving to establish full physical security information management systems, access control can be integrated with other critical data sources. The results are powerful.

Integrated with alarm panels, access control systems can allow for exceptions, granting access to permissioned individuals during restricted access hours, without setting off the alarm. Or integrate it with IP video to verify identity and investigate security breaches.

Explore the possibilities

From point solutions to full integration with physical security information management systems, the latest in access control technology allows you to easily deploy secure access solutions for any application. If you have not recently explored the power of access control, you should.

Need help getting started? Contact Telaid to determine which access control solutions may best meet your needs and then reduce time, task, cost and risk associated with deployment.

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